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NTMN office attacked by MNS goons for calling Sachin “Indian”

Eighteen employees of News That Matters Not were severely injured when dozens of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) hooligans paid a visit to our office here in Mumbai on Sunday evening. The goondas were apparently upset by the fact that we referred to Sachin Tendulkar as India‘s best batsman and not as Maharashtra‘s best batsman in an interview published on NTMN on Saturday. This, they claim, has hurt the sentiments of the Marathi Manoos.

The mob, according to eyewitness accounts, drugged the security guards outside the office premises and made a forced entry into the newspaper’s editorial room. The group chanted the name of Raj Thackeray repeatedly, giving an impression that people who work in newspaper offices are probably stone deaf. They started beating up several employees and smashed computer screens and plasma TV screens with bricks and baseball bats. A computer operator was reportedly hit hard on his private parts by a well-aimed leather cricket ball by the person heading the group. It seems pretty obvious that the mob had their brains severely ill, since all of the NTMN computers and plasma TVs have been in a non-working condition beyond repair ever since the newspaper was launched.

After creating this mess in the editorial room, the group demanded an appointment with the interviewer, who was apparently in the toilet at that time. They broke open the toilet door and then pelted stones and eggs (which were later discovered to be rotten) at the bewildered half-naked reporter. All eighteen injured have been taken to the nearby Dadavati Hospital.

Earlier in the day, the Shiv Sena also expressed serious displeasure towards projecting Tendulkar as an Indian. The Sunday edition of Shiv Sena newspaper Saamna, which most of us never bother to read due to the abundance of better tabloids like NTMN, carried cartoon caricatures of NTMN reporters, specially designed by Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray, who is a talented cartoonist in addition to the self-proclaimed protector of the Marathi Manoos’ sentiments.

Saamna also claimed in a news report that at least two people have committed suicide in Nagpur district and four got heart attacks in different parts of Maharashtra because they were severely hurt by Sachin not being acknowledged as Maharashtra’s best batsman but India’s. All these six were from the Marathi Manoos community, and the Shiv Sena has demanded NTMN’s editors to be tried in the court of law for provoking and causing deaths by insensitive comments. An editorial column claimed that there is no question that Sachin is a Maharashtrian and calling him an Indian was a serious misconduct beyond apology.

NTMN reporters, later found out that one of the two cases of suicide was actually due to frustration caused by a drunkard son. The other suicide, according to fellow villagers, was committed by a young man just after marriage when he discovered his new wife was obese.

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