NTMN’s Google Search Survey Yields Amusing Results

It’s official now! An extensive survey of most common internet search phrases conducted by NTMN in association with German analyst agency Lie-forge has confirmed that global warming is just not an issue.

“Nobody’s Googling for it! How can it be important,” explained our experts. The survey has put up some other interesting results as well.

The world is most concerned about reducing fat. Major portion of the internet search is based upon phrases like, “motapa ghatayein” (reduce fat), “patle banein” (get slimmer), “Chinese Sauna Belt”, “I look like a pig.”

“Capless Himesh” has replaced “Katrina Kaif” as the most searched image on internet.

Who’s searching for what?

Implementing a reverse DNS technology, NTMN was able to look into Google search records of some of the famous people of the world. And this is what we found out as their most frequently used search phrases:

Barack Obama – Yes + we + can + but + how
Leon E. Panetta (Director, CIA) – How + to + find + Osama
George W. Bush – Obama + Osama + relation
Pervez Musharraf – what + after + retirement
Sourav Ganguly – new + career + options
Shah Rukh Khan – ICICI + retirement + solutions
Tiger Woods – no + golf + only + babes
Raju Srivastav – latest + jokes
Rajat Sharma – Andhi + churail + langra + tantrik
Rajnath Singh – How + to + win + elections
Angelina Jolie – Jen + is + a + bitch
Madonna – Adoption + ads + in + Africa
Mamata Banerjee – recent + Tata + Projects
Manmohan Singh – Indian + constitution + maximum + number + of + states
Raj Thackeray – North + Indian + in + Maharashtra
Mayawati – Manowadi + Shadyantra

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