3 Idiots under fire again as death toll due to electrocution while urinating rises to 13

After causing suicides all over the country, 3 Idiots, the most bogus movie produced in Bollywood not only since Ghajini, but ever since the Battle of Plassey, is once again under fire for promoting “electrocution while urinating”. At least 13 people have been reported dead in electrocution attempts in different parts of the country. In addition to this, 4 people are in hospital while 3 are close to paralysis, still holding their groin area in utter shock. Six people, however, have survived similar attacks quite perfectly.

Our reporters have been covering the incidents from small towns like Fursatganj and Susupur, the two towns from which as many as 76.2% of the attacks have been reported. In Fursatganj, a Sanskrit schoolmaster was attacked by two small students in a similar fashion as Chatur Ramalingam was attacked in Ladakh in the movie. After the schoolmaster, Keshab “Peshab” Yadav, moaned in pain, the students shouted in Sanskrit, “Mutra-Visarjanam” and started laughing loudly.

Snapshot from 3 Idiots: Chatur Ramalingam aka Silencer falls down in pain after being subjected to electrocution while mutra-visarjan in Phunsukh Wangdoo’s Ladakh school

In Susupur, a group of dacoits used this weapon to rob a house. They had forgotten their pistols. One of them used Aamir Khan’s method from the movie to paralyse the house caretaker, while others from the gang put valuable belongings in their bags.

The government has been quick to react. “3 Idiots needs to be banned immediately, as most of these attacks seem to have been inspired by the movie,” some official sources were quoted as saying. Metal detectors and other equipment to detect electrical devices are being installed on a rapid basis in Sulabh Shauchalayas (public toilets) all over the country.

The six people who have survived the attacks have been found to be impotent. Psychologists say there exists nothing called pain, instead everything is played in the mind. “Even though there was pain due to the electric shock, these people didn’t feel it since they are already impotent,” says renowned psychologist Mastiram Lele.

Director of 3 Idiots, Rajkumar Hirani, is delighted with the response. “The idea was clear. 3 Idiots was to be publicised in 3 Phases. In Phase 1, we focussed on suicides and got good response from the youth. The Phase 2 focussed on electrocuted urination; and this is also gaining good response. This is working well for the movie. In Phase 3, we will see Aamir Khan moving all over the country in disguise, committing balatkars.

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