80 donkeys arrested in Delhi for asking for donation on account of solar eclipse

New Delhi: The donkey world on Friday went into complete chaos as eighty of them were lathicharged brutally and arrested later by Delhi police. The group of donkeys were following their masters on the streets, who wore saffron clothes and asked people for money on the occasion of solar eclipse that took place on Friday.
The donkeys, very much like their saintly masters, felt there was money in the business. One of the donkeys talked exclusively to our reporter and disclosed the reason behind the practice of making money on the occasion of solar eclipse. He said that a solar eclipse sends out rays that temporarily disturb the human mind. Humans get retarded and can’t differentiate between good and bad. The sadhus, however, who are not humans, but a rare breed of the jackal, an animal known for its cleverness and crookedness, retain their sanity and use the opportunity to convince the humans to give them money on the occasion. “The temporarily-ill humans donate money thinking they are doing a noble deed,” said the donkey. Two neighbouring donkeys brayed loudly in agreement.
One of the donkey-owner sadhus talks on mobile phone about his earnings of the day
A female donkey also talked to us few minutes before the lathicharge. She said, “Even Einstein got mad during eclipses; these are Indians, of course they will be affected more. Our masters make use of this. You know what, Einstein’s famous photo with his tongue sticking out was taken during a solar eclipse, it shows how crazy he became during eclipses.” Indian donkeys are surely very intelligent!
But as the donkey group grew bigger, the police came around and lathicharged the saints first. But the clever saints let off Fart Gas before the police could use their cylinder of Tear Gas. They fled while the donkeys remained. All eighty of them were beaten up and sent to Tihar jail.

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