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Bappi Lahiri has a naked feeling after being robbed of all jewelery by frustrated reality show contestant

Mumbai: Music director and playback singer Bappi Lahiri was admitted to Mumbai’s Dadavati Trauma Centre last night after he was robbed of all his jewelery and precious stones at gunpoint. Since all his jewelery is all he has, the robbery has left Bappi in a severe state of depression. 

Initial police investigations indicate that the person involved in the robbery was Nappy Shakiri, an aspiring playback singer who had participated in the music reality show Dha Ni Sa, which had Bappida as one of the judges. Shakiri has been arrested and is under investigation. Two of our reporters, who are serving a sentence for sensible reporting in the same prison cell as Shakiri, talked to him. 

Bappi Lahiri is sleeping in this TV still from the show, claims the contestant

He claims that his act was borne out of hatred and a desire for revenge. According to him, during one of his performances on the show, Bappida dozed off. He further added that Bappida is a clever trickster who uses his coal-black glasses day and night to take regular naps without being observed. Shakiri lost patience ultimately when during another performance, Bappida started snoring and could be heard doing so on the microphone that he had left switched on. This made everyone laugh out loudly in the midst of the contestant’s singing. The extent may be imagined from the fact that fellow judge Himesh Reshamiyya threw away his cap in amusement, exhibiting a square-shaped bald patch on his head, making the audience laugh louder. Interestingly, the contestant had been singing a very sad pathetic number “arrey koi toh sun lo mera geet” (Someone please listen to my lullaby) at the time. In a fit of rage, Shakiri decided to take away all of Bappi’s jewelery, which as he tells us, was easy to find, since Bappida sleeps with them on.

A health bulletin released by the mental doctors at Dadavati says that Bappida is in a state of utter shock and depression and is unendingly singing his own songs, with slightly modified lyrics, at the top of his voice. An irritated compounder referred to the musician as a “sone ki dukaan” (jewelery-shop). He tells that Bappida has been singing songs like “Yaar meri chain kahan re” and “Yaad aa raha hai mera haar“. An inconsolable Bappi has also been complaining about a “naked” feeling without his jewelery.

In accordance with a doctor’s advice – “he needs more stones than bones” – Bappi’s family has already embarked on a nationwide journey in search for new precious stones for him.

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