Fed up of small space to live in, people demand separate streets in Delhi

People in Delhi are fed up with the high density of population. Residents in some very posh residential areas of the capital have now decided to go on an indefinite hunger strike to force the government to get every family a street of their own.

The demand indeed sounds very insane, and the government is not in a position to understand what the people mean by this request. Chief Minister Shiela Dikshit has called a high-emergency meeting with her Cabinet ministers to discuss the issue.

The RWA presidents of several colonies in the capital met on Friday and reached the conclusion of protesting. One of them talked to an NTMN correspondent and said, “Having hunger strikes for separate states like Telangana is an old fashioned thing now. We now want separate colonies for families. Living in such a hellish situation is distressing; we don’t have place to pee and sleep in private. Someone’s always watching; we can’t have such a huge population living in a small place.” Some people suggested marching to some MPs’ residences soon to ask why they deserve such big places to live in while the rest of the country lives in small houses.

Meanwhile, K Chandrasekhar Rao, who revived the age-old hunger strike culture of India, has signed an upcoming Ram Gopal Verma film to encourage people to take up hunger strike to get demands met. The film is called Fast Forward.

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