Babas revolt against new pravachan show; they want their godmanship recognised

Mumbai, Hardwar: 
At least ten dozen naga babas have threatened to wear full clothes in support of the People against Unequal Status of Saints who Yell on TV (PUSSYTV). Member Babas, who host various TV pravachan shows have revolted and declined to host any more shows. The Babas are all angry over the introduction of a new late night show Insight of Baba Virmal on the Kanskar channel. “This is discrimination against us. How can this happen when we all are here,” wondered Baba Mahila Dev, the brain behind the PUSSYTV association. “We are all equal!” shouted Baba Kaju-Katli, which the whole group supported loudly.

They say that all babas are equal in front of the Constitution and so their self-proclaimed godmanship should be recognised officially. Baba Virmal Dev is new on the circuit, and thats why the fact that he has got a full show in his name is troubling the association.

A baba takes a group photo of naga babas. He was heard saying, “Smile Comrade, You will be the next God”

Inner sources have however revealed that the babas were approached by the channels individually and promised to be given the contract, but they refused later. “The channel’s production company has signed a contract with me that they would take me as the next God after the current one retires. But now they have made the new kid Virmal as the God. Other babas have also gone through similar fates,” said a baba who hosts the popular Ayurveda show Dawaa kam daru zyaada.

However he is not ready to share more on the contract with NTMN readers . “That might create problems with the Income Tax department, though I do have followers there.” Another Baba reiterated the same lines. “I am much more older and experienced than this Virmal. I started my shows on channel 20 years ago, he came just a year ago. It should purely be a merit-based system.”

Baba Kaju-Katli claims big corruption money is involved. “The channel company has been paid huge amounts by Baba Virmal. We ask for equal status for all babas in India. After all, we don’t have 2 crore Gods without a valid reason.” On being asked the next step of the saints, he said they are going to file a PIL asking for recognition of their self-proclaimed godmanship by the channels. They also plan to sue the channels for defamation. Exactly how they were defamed, they refused to tell. “This is a legal matter. I can’t comment on it”, said a baba.

On the other hand, the owners of the channels have denied all accusations. They said they treated all babas as equal, and only the best one won. “We invited bids for this particular post. The highest bidder won. That’s all fair.” On being asked about the contracts some babas claimed to have signed, they all disagreed on any such signings. “We never signed any contracts. The bids were invited in the intra-channel circulation papers.” On their legal stance, they said they will wait and watch.

Baba Virmal was unavailable for comments. The peon at his bungalow in Bandra, Mumbai said the saint had gone to see Ajmal Kasab in jail.

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