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Thackeray will let Aussies play in IPL if they eat and speak Marathi

Bombay (oops, Mumbai):
NCP President and Union Minister for Price Rise and Diabetes Control, Mr. Sharad Pawar met Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray at his residence Matoshree on Monday. According to internal sources the meeting was held to discuss the possibility of the two parties contesting the next state elections together.

Apparently, Pawar also requested Thackeray to let the Australian cricketers play in the Mumbai IPL matches. Thackeray said that he would allow them only on the condition that they learn to speak in Marathi and care for the Marathi Manoos. He even demanded that the Aussies must develop a liking for the Marathi cuisine. He even warned that he would hire his local Shiv Sena terrorists as spies to check if the Australians were really communicating in Marathi and having Marathi dishes, while they were anywhere in Maharashtra. Moreover, they would have to learn as many Marathi cuss-words as they can; Thackeray wants them to even sledge in Marathi during matches. 


Pawar told him that he would ask the players to agree to these conditions, but also requested some leniency, asking if they be allowed to speak and eat as per their choice for once or twice a week.

After the meeting, Sharad Pawar addressed the mediapersons waiting outside Matoshree. “Balasaheb has finally agreed to Australian players playing in Mumbai. He just wants them to speak and eat like Marathi Manoos,” said Pawar. On some other aspects of the meeting, Pawar said, “We are old friends, and we had a good time having North Indian dinner. Both of us are great fans of jazz music…and so we listened to some while having dinner.”

Regarding the political angle of the meeting, rumours suggest that Pawar, whose dream of becoming PM was busted by Sonia Gandhi after the 2009 Elections, is now keen on teaching her a lesson. Well-placed sources have said that from next time Pawar wants to change his loyalties. By tying up with the likes of Shiv Sena and the MNS, he plans to woo the North Indian votes in Maharashtra.

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