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86-year-old woman accuses Baba Ramdev of winking at her during yoga camp

Just when everyone thought that Nityananda, the young sex-starved Baba from South India had shown that he had more mettle than others of his breed, a woman has accused Baba Ramdev of winking at her.

The incident happened at a yoga camp in Ayogyapur, Uttar Pradesh. However, regular viewers of Ramdev’s shows claim that the Baba suffers from the problem of a blinking eye, and he can always be seen doing so on TV.

The woman, 86 years of age, caught the blinking eye when the yoga guru was teaching the mal-mootra pranayama. However, a 20-year-old girl sitting adjacent to the lady, has claimed, “He was blinking at me, how can that old hag claim such a thing! The man is such a pervert, he had been winking at me for half an hour, and I didn’t know what to do!” Pundits consider it to be potentially a big setback for Ramdev’s political dreams.

Baba Ramdev winks his left eye

Even as Aastha channel tried to conceal the videos from this camp, several news channels have caught Ramdev blinking indeed. Channels have shown the blinking eye with big red circles used to highlight them in the footage. India TV showed the footage 56 times in a span of 5 minutes, replaying hysterically.

Swami Ramdev’s assistants at the Patanjali Chikitsalaya, Haridwar, however laughed off the news. “Everyone knows of Swamiji’s eye problem. His own pranayamas for eye-cure have repeatedly failed to cure his blinking-eye problem, much the same way as his other severe diseases of piles, sleepwalking, gas trouble and political mindset remain even after using his best pranayamas. It’s not a big deal, as long as he is curing others well,” said Baba Kamdev, a quack doctor at the Chikitsalaya.

“In fact Swamiji has chosen an animation of his blinking eye as his election symbol. This will be the first political party to have an animated election symbol, instead of a silent elephant or a motionless bicycle,” said a close aide of Ramdev.

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  • very senseless. try jokes which are sensible enough to laugh and “news that matters not” it matters so much if u post such a type of foolish things about people who are so famous and have a large following save your self tanay sukumar (hide ur identity) or else you will abashed.

  • Hahaha, Crazy women. Ramdev had a paralysis attack after which he approached yoga to cure it which became part of his life.

    However, a small portion of the paralysis atta k still remains.

  • Ramdev is a one-eyed as*hole. He is a politician trying hard to enter politics without actually entering it. He is a fraud and a big-time sex abuser. He calls himself baba. He must be a papa to so many. He should be beaten with chappals.

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