Career Options for Lalit Modi: Mayawati’s Assistant, Eve-teaser and Police Informer

With the end of the reign of Mr. Lalit Modi in the IPL office, it will be interesting to know what will he do now for a living. Taking into consideration the current defamation of Lalit Modi, the following professions could be/are the choices for Modi to opt from:

Private Secretary/Assistant to Mayawati
The first and the foremost option for Modi is to take charge of the office of Kumari Mayawati Ji. As per sources, Lalit-lover, oops, Dalit-lover Mayawati has been very excited since the time Mr. Modi was thrown out. With a lot of money in his bags, Mayawati feels Lalit’s true calling is in politics, and that too as her own personal assistant. She has sent the offer to Mr. Modi, stating she would like to train him under her own chatra-chhaya. In return, she has asked for another garland made of ‘hari-patti‘.

When news agencies last reached Modi, he was seriously giving a thought to Mayawati’s generous offer. As he puts it to one of the news channels, “The money in my bank account, and my current level of reputation is perfectly apt for starting a career in politics, so surely it is one of the options I am seriously contemplating on.”

Eve-Teaser/Casanova/Male Stripper
This is the next best option for Lalit Modi. The money in his bank account is enough to get celebrity girls/models drooling over him. Confirmed sources have been giving unconfirmed news about Modi’s recent affair with a South African model. When Modi was contacted during an IPL match to confirm the news, he was found flirting with a famous Bollywood actress as shown below.

The IPL cheerleaders have also given their full support and show of strength to Modi. They were heard suggesting a new business plan to Modi for women’s T20 cricket to be played in Europe/USA. When Modi was contacted about this, he mentioned that details of the business plan of women’s cricket is already with Champa, Mr. Praful Patel’s secretary, who shall leak the email to all media personalities very soon just as she did before, while emailing Mr. Shashi Tharoor for the DLF IPL business plan before the Kochi Team bid.

Cheerleaders showing their athletic skills to Mr. Modi, trying to convince him they could play cricket as well

Police Informer (Twitter wing)

Last but not the least, Mr. Modi is also planning to take up a full-time job of becoming a police informer, Twitter wing. He has the freedom to come out with all the names who were involved in the IPL-gate scandal. Modi was overheard saying, “I shall go down fighting, but I shall not fall so much that I would leave the others behind.” He also stated the people of India are pushing him to take up the role of the Police Informer, but he mentioned a lot of hassles are in between like Politics, Women, and Cricket as well.

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(Photo sources: The first photo is a Cartoon by Satish Acharya)

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