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Government school teacher suspended on charges of teaching in class

A government school teacher has been suspended after he pleaded guilty of teaching the students of his class VIII batch. According to the school authorities, the middle school Sanskrit teacher, Sankata Prasad, had been issued a warning few months back for similar acts of teaching as well as staying awake during classes.

Santa Singh, the principal of Miranda House Boys’ Government School, Maili Street locality of Kanpur, said, “Such acts of honesty are highly unwelcome. We have guidelines to teachers not to teach more than once a week. But this particular teacher has been violating the rules for quite some time.”

Right to Freedom or Right to Free Education?

We talked to some students about this, and they were delighted at this latest development. Attendance in Prasad’s own class rose considerably after the suspension. When asked to explain this, a student first badly abused our reporter in Hindi. The child Bansiwala, who had till then been busy breaking the wretched benches of his classroom to make out bats to play with, told the reporter, “Jab teacher na aaye, wo bhi Sankata Prasad, to bachche to aayenge hi na… apan to fulttoo masti mar raha hai tubhi jakar mauj maar.”

Besides teaching, the teacher, according to the students, has a bad habit of scolding in Sanskrit. While scolding students, he demands that they also answer him in Sanskrit. This makes him quite unpopular among the students. With the suspension, students have a huge relief.

Sankata Prasad, though available for comments, was unavailable for Hindi or English comments, so we do not have a statement from him now. We will report to you his reaction whenever one of us learns Sanskrit.

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