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Man starts feeling hot after TV report says it’s the hottest day in many years

A 45-year-old man reportedly started feeling very hot and developed medical problems late Saturday night, after he heard on TV that the day was the hottest in the last 1,024 years.

Doctors are puzzled over this rare case, and have termed it as more of a psychological problem than a weather problem.

As per initial reports, an unnamed geography lecturer in Nalanda University was quite normal before suddenly feeling hot after a TV report. “He had his dinner at around 10 pm, and then went to have a stroll outside. Then the whole family watched TV. India TV was reporting something about this Sunday being ‘Super Sunday’ because Saturday had been hottest in around 1,024 years, and Sunday was expected to be hotter,” said the lecturer’s 19-year-old son while talking to the media.
According to other family members, the TV report seemed to have disturbed the man, who could not believe that the day had been the hottest. He suddenly started feeling hot and stripped down to his undergarments. He started sweating and breathing heavily. The family doctor was called and the patient admitted to a nearby nursing home.
India TV and the Meteorological Department have denied any involvement in the case. However, the family plans to sue the news channel for fraud and thuggery since Sunday was quite mild till afternoon and not very hot.
“The victim is suffering from the India TV Misinformation Syndrome and will be okay within the next four days,” said a doctor from the nursing home, who didn’t want to be named. 

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