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Most roadside fast food sellers wouldn’t consume their own food, if hungry: Survey

New Delhi:
A survey conducted on feriwallahs (roadside vendors) in the national capital has suggested that 9 out of 10 of them would willingly swear on the dangerous quality of their fast food. The survey, held by World Toilet Federation (WTF) in association with NTMN, was designed by WTF to study loose motion and related health problems among Delhiites. “Our researchers traced the problem down to the roadside vendors, and so we decided to have this survey,” said the President of WTF.

Over 700 roadside fast food-sellers were asked a set of around a dozen questions. Some of the questions got responses like these: 

1. “Would you consume your own food, if hungry?” 
(No 89%, 
Maybe, but I would prefer eating my shit more 8%, 
Yes, I would 1%
Can’t say 1%)

2. “Have you ever picked your nose in front of customers?” 
(Just picked? I use the nostril waste in the food 45%,
I suffer from a permanent cold and cough 35%,
No, I don’t 20%)

16-year-old Ramu says, “I am very happy to see that I never got education, because its the educated lot that comes to my stall most.”

3. “Do you intend to take your stall indoors or is the roadside OK?” 
(Roadside generates more income 99%,
Yeah I fart a lot and I want the world to know it, so the gas would be noticeable indoors 1%)

4. “Do you use a soap?”
(No 37%,
I rub my hands on the soil and then wash them 12%,
I use a Tide or a Rin to wash hands 8%,
I use soap 43%)

5. “How much drain water do you use daily to cook your chhole?” 
(That’s the only convenient option as I have my stall over a drain 93%,
Sometimes 4%,
Seldom 3%)

6. “If your bladders are full, do you go far from your stall or do you relieve yourself at the stall itself?”
(I piss there since its convenient and saves time 75%,
I have to use the urine in the chhole, so there itself 12%,
I move to the nearby tree to urinate 13%) 

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