Sania practises tennis wearing burqa, stumbles

As India faces a drought of any new events other than those related to the Sania Mirza-Shoaib Malik wedding, a television channel has spotted Sania practising tennis in a burqa in the tennis court of her Hyderabad residence. However, the practice was soon aborted with Sania stumbling and falling down. Video footage shows Shoaib Malik in tears just after the fall.

Six hours after the incident, the Indian tennis sensation called a press conference. “I wish to clarify once again that I will continue playing tennis for India. However, to respect Pakistani sensibilities, I have decided to play in burqas instead of mini-skirts. This way, I will get the best of both worlds,” said Sania. “I have decided to attempt with the burqa first. It doesn’t matter even if I lose matches; I just want to be able to play wearing a burqa. That’s why I was practising today. If I can’t continue, I will have no choice but salwar-kameez.”

Sania during the press conference

As the practice session video created a buzz in India and Pakistan in the morning, it created an excitement in the rest of the world for different reasons. “Tennis in burqa” became one of the hottest topics of the day on Twitter, and leading tennis stars have decided to experiment with the black dress. Maria Sharapova, Serena Williams and Svetlana Kuznetsova have expressed their wish to try the “new fashion statement of the tennis world”. “Sania’s idea has excited me… although it doesn’t look comfortable while playing, but surely it will be cool to play wearing those big gowns!” said Sharapova.

While Steffi Graf has decided to come out of retirement to try the burqa on the tennis court, Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi has confirmed that he will also wear the ladies’ attire on the cricket field. Despite the fact that this is against the ICC rules, Afridi said, “Its easier to hide the ball and tamper with it under the burqa. No one will know.” 

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