Shoaib Malik wants to become Indian citizen and play for India

Nearly retired and retarded Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik has decided to quit his Pakistani citizenship and wants to be an ‘orange-white-green card holder’, i.e. an Indian citizen. He has already applied for the Indian citizenship at the Ministry of Home Affairs.

It may be noted that the cross-border fairytale romance of Malik and the till-now-Indian tennis star Sania Mirza had earlier invited wrath from the Shiv Sena chief, Bal Thackeray. He had questioned Sania’s patriotism wondering “Couldn’t she find an Indian ass (please read ‘donkey’), why is she marrying another national and that too… a Pakistani?!” Now, its ironical that Malik himself wants to become Indian.

The Director of Citizens’ Affairs, Home Ministry, Mr K K Dhingra has confirmed the news and said that Malik would soon be interviewed and his plea considered.” Shoaib Malik also confirmed the news at a press conference at his sasuraal in Hyderabad. On being asked the reasons, he said (we have corrected his English while quoting him), “I wish to join the Indian cricket team. I also love Indian politics and politicians. Raj Thackeray is my best friend in India and I may join the MNS after becoming Indian.”

He continued, “I’m fed up of blasts in Pakistan ….. if they can attack Sri Lankan cricketers, I am sure, upon our non-performance on the field, they will attack us also ….. Inshallah if everything goes well, I will soon be playing for Maharashtra in Ranji Trophy this season and then hopefully, for the national team. I am dying to play in the IPL.”

About his relationship with Raj Thackeray, he replied, “Raj is a great friend ….. we are friends since my first visit to Mumbai in 1987 … when I was 5 …. since then we have kept in touch and we write to each other regularly ….. he has also offered me a good proposal for joining his party MNS. I just have to call myself Marathi.”

Political pundits are carefully analysing every move of Shoaib Malik and Raj Thackeray as it is set to bring an interesting change in the Maharashtra politics. Well-misplaced sources have informed that this is the part of a new strategy of Raj Thackeray’s MNS to woo the Muslim voters in Maharashtra and gain the advantage over his uncle Bal Thackeray’s party, Shiv Sena. All the Thackerays (Raj, Bal, Uddhav etc.) were unavailable for the comment.

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