Student screws IIT-JEE, blames it on strange behaviour of invigilator

A student who appeared for the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) for the Indian Institutes of Technology has accused his invigilator of acting strangely during the examination. The student claims that he fared poorly in the examination due to this. Despite statements from his friends saying that he would not have done any better even if his invigilator was sane, his parents have trusted him and lodged a complaint with authorities.

Vikash Sehgal, a 17-year-old IIT aspirant from Surat said, “About half an hour after the first paper started, my invigilator started singing loudly Aadmi Hoon Aadmi Se Pyaar Karta Hoon. As the students looked up, he invited a male student to come forward to dance with him. The student ignored and tried to continue with his questions, but the man started dancing himself. He was mental.” Mrs. Sehgal said that her son was intelligent and deserved to be selected.

The JEE is the most hyped examination of the country, which is taken each year by students, teachers, parents and coaching centres. Students are known to either enter an IIT, or hang themselves to death after the results, because their brains lose sanity after two years of preparation.

According to Sehgal, these activities distracted the whole exam hall, and students were unable to concentrate on the exam. “I even requested him to get normal, but he would stop me one way or the other. We were not allowed to leave the exam hall, so we couldn’t complain. I must have lost at least 100 marks because of the invigilator’s behaviour.”

Meanwhile, students all over the country are enjoying the whole episode. Students who did not do well in the exam are making weird excuses to satisfy their parents, kin and coaching centres. A student in Gwalior, who took the exam for the second time, said he did poorly because of the noise created by a function in the locality of the examination centre. Another accused her poor performance on the lizard that kept roaming around her seat, while yet another said that the student sitting in front of him kept farting melodiously every two minutes. “I can bet he himself didn’t do well in the paper because of his own farting problem, but why the hell did he sit in front of me?!! Don’t they have toilets at home, or don’t they have a working excretory system?” said the student. A Patna student has announced on a JEE help forum that he couldn’t do well because of the difficult questions.

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