CBSE grade system: Hundreds of students with CGPA 10.0 claim they are the actual toppers, march to CBSE office

New Delhi: 
After the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) declared the Class X results today, using the grading system for the first time, hundreds of students who got CGPA of 10.0 are claiming that they “topped” the examinations. Many such students marched into the CBSE office in the afternoon to demand the declaration of who actually topped the exams in the Delhi region. In duels between various such students, many were injured badly by classmates.

The grading system makes it possible for students securing anything between 91 percent and 100 percent marks to get the same treatment with CGPA 10.0. As a result, students are unable to distinguish who topped in a particular school or region, and this created tension. At various schools, groups of CGPA 10.0 students (those who got above 91 out of 100 in each subject) came to the level of fighting and injuring each other just because everyone said he was the actual topper.

Grading System: Creating more stress and competition instead of minimising them
“I have always topped my batch ever since nursery, how can the bloody CBSE put me at the same position with that bitch who always stood second in the class? They have shown disrespect to me by giving 10.0 to both her and me, and I would have filed a defamation case against them if they had given me my certificate today itself,” said Mugdha Chatterjee, a CGPA-tenner from Delhi Public School, Mathura Road. The “bitch”, Sujata Anand, who was standing nearby, immediately hit Mugdha and the two started a catfight with both hurling obscene abuses at each other in full camera view.

Similar scenes were observed by our reporters in various parts of the country. Some Delhi schools later encouraged their students to march towards CBSE office to protest against this decision, and to give marks instead of grades. The CBSE refused to entertain the request.

“It is just a temporary problem, I guess. Students, at school, are taught to fight for marks, and do anything for a single mark that would promote them or make them top the class. Parents also contribute to this attitude. A second-topper is looked at by the topper as if they aren’t humans, and the parents look at the rank 2 as if it is 2 from bottom,” said HRD Minister Kapil Sibal, who had come up with the idea of grading system last year.

In Ranchi, an illiterate parent of a student seemed dissatisfied even by the CGPA 10.0 of her son Raju, since she was used to seeing a figure over 90 on his report card (in percentage), while “10” was very low according to her.

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