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Child becomes youngest to climb Everest, refuses to come down

The 13-year-old American boy who recently became the youngest to climb Mount Everest is still atop the peak, as he has refused to come down.

Jordan Romero from California has complained that his school sucks and he doesn’t want to return.

A helicopter, sent to bring the boy back, has come back without him. Romero has been there for a week, and is said to still be consuming the food he took for his expedition. The food is expected to run out in two weeks.

The search party inside the helicopter recorded Romero’s voice when he talked to them:

“I don’t want to go back to that school of mine. It SUCKS! It’s far better to be sitting at the top of the world than to always be at the bottom in tests at school.”

Jordan Romero after reaching the peak

The boy also said he was okay with parent-teacher meets now, if his parents and teachers agreed to come on the Everest to have the meeting.

The child’s parents are mighty worried, and refused to talk to the media. The principal of the school where Romero studies said, “We are more worried about why he tried to climb the Everest in the first place, than why he refuses to come down. The boy seemed quite normal and was in his senses the day before he took the flight to Nepal. But I can’t understand what went wrong then. I mean, can you just figure out, what a 13-year-old kid would want to do by climbing the Everest? Seriously, it is of no use except to get famous, but then, what does a kid do by being famous! And now, this urge to stay atop there. The boy’s gone mad.”

The Nepalese government, which had sent the helicopter, has expressed concern on the potential hazards the tough weather poses to the boy. The search party reported that Romero was listening to his iPod when they spotted him. He also expressed wish for an internet connection and asked for some girls at the peak. “I want someone to become the youngest girl to climb Mount Everest. Go send someone,” he told the search party.

The Indian 16-year-old boy, Arjun Bajpayee, who became the youngest Indian to achieve the same feat as Romero, on the same day as him, reacted to the news, “Everest is cool. But not cool enough to eat and shit at the same place everyday.”

The Ministry of Women and Child Development in India has banned children from trying to break Romero’s record. “If any child wishes to get the record, we shall give them a fake certificate, and some media coverage through fake channels like India TV. But we forbid them to try to go there,” said the minister Renuka Chowdhary.

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