Dogs hurt on being compared with Lalu Yadav and Mulayam Singh by BJP Chief

New Delhi: 
Dogs all over India are seriously hurt by BJP Chief Nitin Gadkari’s comments on Lalu Yadav and Mulayam Singh Yadav. The premier association of the dog community, Rolling On The Floor Licking (ROFL) has slammed Gadkari for comparing the respectable dog community with people like Lalu and Mulayam. Gadkari had yesterday referred to the Yadav duo as “dogs who lick the feet of Sonia Gandhi and Congress”.

BJP Chief Nitin Gadkari

Gadkari offered a public apology for his abusive words, but dogs in most parts of India are least interested. “The comment is a derogatory one, and an apology is not sufficient. The language used was highly unparliamentary, and we do not expect our politicians to speak words such as “Lalu Yadav”, “Mulayam Singh” and “Dogs” in one breath. We do not accept the apology and we are ready to explore the legal options against Gadkari,” said ROFL general secretary Mulayam Khaal, a Pomeranian.

Amid nationwide protests, dog communities and party leaders of RJD and SP encountered each other on streets. The face-off threatened to get ugly as the dogs were on the verge of biting the leaders. The effigy of Nitin Gadkari was burnt by RJD party leaders in various cities, in order to express disappointment at the abusive comments by the BJP Chief. However, all burnt effigies and posters were eaten away by the protesting dogs. 

The whole episode started with Nitin Gadkari saying this at a rally about Lalu and Mulayam: “Bade daharte the sher jaise, aur kutte ke jaise ban kar Sonia-ji aur Congress ke ghar par talve chatne lage.” The whole nation responded angrily at this abusive remark.

Justifying the anger, an ROFL spokesdog said, “The comment is derogatory in more than one sense. Not only does it compare us with Lalu and Mulayam, it also puts lions as a superior species than ours. Moreover, we don’t lick people’s feet the way the Yadavs do, and therefore we condemn this speech.”

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