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Facebook responds by banning Pakistanis from using it

After the Pakistani government banned the use of Facebook because it didn’t allow applications and quizzes like Bomb-Maker and How Terrorist are You?, Facebook has hit back with a ban on Pakistanis from ever using their site. The ban will be effective from the same moment the ban on Facebook is removed in Pakistan.

“We had been thinking of putting such a ban for a long long time, since Pakistanis are as big a problem in the virtual world as they are in the real world. Most of them do not know how to use Facebook properly, and this illiteracy is a threat to the functioning of Facebook,” feels Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

The Facebook team has said in a press release that it is developing a code that will hurl abuses whenever a Pakistani tries to log in to the social networking site. They are designing a new system that will not allow Pakistanis to become members. “As soon as a user enters his country name as Pakistan, the computer will show messages like You better use Faceburqa, not Facebook or Don’t mess with us. We are intelligent people or Please help in keeping Facebook clean.” said a Facebook press release.

“The urge to ban Pakistani users became even more when Google moved out of China. Now that they banned us instead of their own folk who started that competition of drawing the Prophet, we are convinced, these morons have no understanding of Facebook. They banned us, and now we’ve banned them,” explained Zuckerberg.

“We feel they might be using Facebook to train terrorists. Our intelligence agency FBI (Facebook Intelligence) has reported that some Pakistani users have devised ways to delete others’ Facebook profiles. Once the use of Facebook resumes in Pakistan, we will also not allow other people to add Pakistanis as friends. The message A man is known by the company he keeps. Please don’t add this person. will be flashed on the screen,” said the press release.

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