Mallika has liplock with snake during film promotion at Cannes, snake dies of poison

During her promotional stunts for the new film Hisss, Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat is thought to have killed a python after she attempted to have a liplock with it. The snake is believed to have been poisoned during the contact its fangs had with Mallika’s tongue.

Mallika plays the role of a snakewoman in this latest movie. The movie is directed by Ekta Sapoor, and the name of the movie is expected to have a few more additional S’s (Hissss….) by the time it releases to Indian audience.

The incident happened during one of her promotional stunts. While she played with the 15-feet python for the camera on the red carpet, the two new friends shared a liplock. The fangs of the snake entered Mallika’s lips and seconds after this, the whole body of the 220-pound snake fell down on the ground with a thud. People shrieked all around until they were made to believe that it was a dead snake.  

She has earlier also been seen in close proximity with snakes during the ongoing Film Festival at Cannes. In the process, she has disappointed her male fans, who comprise 100% of all her fans. “That snake is so lucky, it got to be as close as her lips, man,” feels a fan @hopelessyouth on Twitter.

The Cannes police has declared in its initial reports that the snake died of the actress’s poison, which might have been injected during the liplock. The poison was probably there in Mallika’s saliva due to her excessive kissing acts in movies. Bollywood actors are anxious after the news broke out, and are demanding that directors design more intimate scenes for them to be shot with Mallika, so that they themselves do not feel the absence of kisses.

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