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Post-mortem says youth died as he didn’t send a Sai Baba SMS to seven people

A 20-year-old college student, who was found dead last weekend in Vasant Kunj, Delhi, did not die of a road accident, as thought of earlier. The autopsy report came out today and it claims that the youth died because he had not sent a particular SMS to seven friends about a month ago.

The student, Varun Gehlot, was found dead early morning on Sunday. Initial reports had suggested an attack from a raging bull, while some speculations said that a speedy car killed him. The police, however, ruled out the possibility of any road accident since no evidence could be found supporting the speculation.

“During investigation into the phone records of Varun Gehlot, we found an SMS he had received from a friend of his on April 2. The SMS said, ‘This SMS was first sent from Jammu. Tomorrow is the birthday of Sai Baba. Fwd this SMS to seven people otherwise you will die within one month.’ But he sent it to only one person and therefore met his death,” observed the report.

Meanwhile, Varun’s father and sister, who also received a similar SMS earlier this week, have anxiously started forwarding it to as many people as they can. Due to their busy SMSing schedule as a result of this, the funeral has been delayed, even as the police have returned the dead body after investigations.

The autopsy report has sent the whole city into a grim mood, with people of all ages busy sending out the message to seven people each. Even those who didn’t receive any such message typed it out. People are leaving no stone unturned to save themselves from a disaster that might occur if they ignored a particular SMS.

The government has, meanwhile, requested the public to maintain peace and harmony. It issued an advisory to people telling them to forward such messages. The government cellular service, MTNL, has cut down SMS rates for messages that contain matching content.

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