Prime Minister proves he loves President Oba-ma more than Bharat Ma

On completing 1 year in power, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in his speech seemed to be a lot thankful to US President Barack Obama. He thanked the USA for their support and also mentioned ways in which India plans to pay back.

“President Obama asked for international cooperation for United States recently. He said the US needs the world to move with it. India is ready to cooperate in any way possible and I take this opportunity to extend the will to work with US for its development,” said PM Singh in the press conference. Here is how Singh responded to Obama’s points:

When Oba-ma hypnotised the PM of Bharat Ma, Manmohan Singh

1. To Obama’s request that companies say yes to Buffalo and say no to Bangalore: The Prime Minister said he would take steps to make sure this happens. He said we have taken so much from America; its time for giving back.

2. To Obama’s comment that US is facing stiff competition from India because India produces far more engineers and scientists than them: Reacting to this the PM said, “We produce our professionals for USA only, not for our own country. So I think Mr Obama should not be worried.” Singh said all the IITs have been set up for USA only. “Just like Pakistan uses terror camps to manufacture terrorists to attack US, we use IITs to make engineers and scientists to export them to the States. A substantial amount of American doctors are of Indian origin. We are taking steps in the country so that talent doesn’t nurture the way it should, by putting the reservation bill into effect.” He said that promoting talent here would lead to India’s development, which wouldn’t please US; so we should not do so.

3. To Obama’s comment that India’s development is putting pressure on the fossil fuels since Indians are buying more cars: The PM said he plans to bring down the development and GDP growth of India substantially in the coming years. “In the past 2 3 years we have not removed taxes from the petrol and diesel and increase prices every year making oil in India one of the costliest. We intend to discourage people from buying cars and to degrade their standards of living.”

4. To Obama’s question on how food prices have gone up since Indians have started eating more: Manmohan Singh said he is making the food stuff very costly so that Indians stop consuming the goods of even daily requirement. “We have special instructions for Union Minister for Diabetes Control, Sharad Pawar to make sure the prices of sugar, wheat, rice, oil, pulses go out of reach of the common man thanks to his hoarding skills in sugar etc. We’ll soon have a cap on eating limits for the Indians – those eating three rotis will have to reduce it to 2 otherwise they must pay tax.” On being asked about malnutrition by some reporters, Singh said that he only sees the health of Sharad Pawar to assess the food situation of India and to him he looks more than nourished.

“President Obama gave me a nice treat last time I went to US; so many items were there on the menu. If we don’t cooperate, I might not get that kind of state dinner next time I visit the White House. India is ready to cooperate with folded hands bowing to America to give them their nuclear technology and make their companies billionaires and loot all the wealth of India if any is left not looted by US companies who do business in India,” said the Prime Minister.

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