BCCI agrees to send women’s team to Asiad; women to represent India in men’s matches too

The Board for Comedy in Cricket in India (BCCI) has now agreed to send the women’s team to represent India at the Asian Games in Guangzhou, China. A controversy had erupted after the Board’s refusal to send either the men’s or the women’s teams to China, and it is supposed to be the reason behind the reversal in the decision. However, it will be the first time in the history of the Games that women will represent a country in a men’s event.

“The men’s team will obviously be busy with their New Zealand series at home. They will be unable to play in the Asiad, as we announced earlier. But, since the women’s team will be free from international commitments at the time, we have decided that it will be good if they go and play there on behalf of the men’s team as well as for their own selves,” announced Rajiv Shukla, who has not yet been able to establish himself either as a politician or a BCCI member.

“We do not want our women to spend their break from international cricket by cooking and knitting clothes at home. It would be worthwhile for them to have match practice; in fact double match practice as they would have to play men’s cricket too. On the other hand, we would be able to continue our enmity with the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) to a certain extent, since no one will care to follow the cricket at Asiad; our lady cricketers are no models,” said Shukla.

The comment has invited wrath from various women rights associations and NGOs. The NGO Sablaa Nari has filed a case against Shukla for talking the truth about India’s women cricketers. “We strongly condemn this shameless description of the reality. I agree that women cricketers are poorly treated by our country, and don’t have as special lives as men cricketers, but it doesn’t mean Mr Shukla will say this publicly,” said Sablaa Nari president Kumari Kumari Ravi Shankar.

Meanwhile, the BCCI’s decision has amused the whole country. Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor, who believes he is a great batsman and can face Muralitharan, said they could have sent the Bollywood stars team instead. “To BCCI medals are not important. So why not send a team that can at least be recognised by people watching on TV?”.

The Asian Games authorities have been paid a startling amount of money by the BCCI so that no Indian woman be failed in the gender test for the men’s event.

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