CBI launches probe to find out why ex-supermodel has never committed suicide and is still alive

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has launched a probe into the life of an ex-supermodel to get clues to why she is still alive, and has never committed or even attempted suicide. More such living ex-supermodels will also be probed, if this investigation throws up any results. “So many ex-models commit suicide now and then. It must be probed thoroughly as to why certain ones didn’t take that step,” said a CBI sleuth.

The model whose life is being studied is Mumbai-based Tara Singhal, who some people vaguely remember as the girl who sold a Kamasutra condom at a chemist’s shop in a 1990s advertisement. She is as old as 38 now, and lives alone in a flat in Bandra, and seldom has visitors. She has been pointed out as an abnormal case by psychologists and modelling experts, given the fact that she is now reportedly dating her 26th partner, but still has no plans of committing suicide in the near future.

Psychologists have also expressed concern over what goes on in the lives of women after their modelling career is forgotten. “Suicide was first started off as a fashion probably by Marilyn Monroe, I guess. Now, more and more forgotten actresses and models, all over the world, believe hanging yourself or going insane by doing drugs takes them to stardom, and brings them to the news once again,” said Ramanik Chatterjee, who closely observes such incidents.

The most recent case : 37-year-old Viveka Babajee killed herself maybe because she broke up with her boyfriend

Tara Singhal is hugely perturbed by the news. She is not at all ready to share personal details to aid the investigation, and has also forbidden her friends from co-operating with the CBI. “I won’t allow them to go through my past life. Models commit suicide because of depression. I am also depressed of life indeed but I want to live just to become the oldest, one day, to feature in a condom ad. I will get all my due then, hopefully, but if they investigate into my life now, I am going to commit suicide,” she threatened.

Some other ex-models, who are still alive despite forgotten careers and dozens of past lovers, are puzzled by the whole scene. “As for me, I have postponed plans of hanging myself as I might be getting a place in the next season of Bigg Boss, and it will be a good break for me,” said one such model, on condition of anonymity. The boyfriend of a 35-year-old model told us, “She has not killed herself yet, but I will soon force her to do so. It gives the boyfriend an edge, as they get a chance to come on TV. I am sure it’s the boyfriends every time who cause these suicides.”

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