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Girl, who believes she is hot, creates chaos over why boys didn’t stare at her in the metro train

New Delhi: 
In an interesting incident, a young girl got out of control in an attempt to seek attention of co-passengers just because no young guy seemed to notice her. The situation would soon demand security guards to get involved, had our excited reporter not stared at her for five long minutes, thus satisfying both himself and the girl.

When she stepped out of home at 9 in the morning, 21-year-old Sneha Gupta was damn sure she looks very hot indeed. In her new, presumably sexy red hot pants and black top with enough cleavage to attract boys, she was confident of getting most of the stares during the journey, which her best friend and metro-train companion Saloni usually got. But after she boarded the metro train from Karol Bagh to Anand Vihar, little did she know that no young boy would take notice of her even for a single second. She took it as an insult.

File:Fickel daren.jpg
What Sneha probably wanted : This photo portrays a man looking at a girl (Source) We could have shown you the photo our reporter shot with Sneha, but we fear dissatisfaction from readers in the era of magazines like Playboy

Much later, by the time the train reached the Rajiv Chowk station, Sneha created chaos by doing weird activities to get attention from co-passengers. But as luck could have it for her, most of the young boys deboarded at this station to take their way to the train that would take them to their colleges, leaving her with her friend and middle-aged people and other girls. Passengers later complained about the girl’s unruly behaviour; that she shouted while talking on the phone, and giggling loudly.

As Saloni told our reporter later, in Sneha’s absence, “I feel very uncomfortable when all those boys stare at me. Yeah, the same way you are looking at me now. Mom tells me to dress sensibly to avoid those shameless gazes. But, today, her activities made me feel more embarrassed! Sneha – she is a bit jealous of guys having regular looks at me. Maybe no one has ever stared at her. She looks such a damn big blot in the name of feminine beauty, but she feels she is hot. Look at her dress today. You think that suits well on her big face and dirty teeth with braces? Now in college, all she will do today is flirt with boys and screech and mumble about little things.”

Several passengers wanted to speak to us when they came to know we were covering the news. “The only instances I looked at the girl you are talking about was when she deliberately came into my way when I was looking at that better-looking chick. And man, at least no one will ever sack her for being the way she is!” said a youth, who claimed ogling at girls in metro train is as much a passion for him as bitching around for bitches.

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