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Housewife tries to kill self after she couldn’t find Star Plus on her TV, due to the new logo


Shobha Thakur, a 42-year-old housewife and mother of four, attempted to hang herself on a ceiling fan yesterday night, after she complained of strain in eyes and mind. According to the family, Shobha was very disturbed after having browsed through all channels on her cable TV for as much as 7 hours daily from Monday to Thursday, but not being able to find her favourite channel Star Plus. She could not catch a single episode of any of the soaps she watches usually. The cause of the incident is, apparently, the change of the look and logo of the channel this Sunday night.

Shobha has been found to be unable to read or write, and she switched channels looking for the old logo she had seen for the past ten years. She can not read the channel name, although she is registered in the latest census records as a literate. 

The family is planning to drag Star Plus to court for changing the logo beyond recognition. After coming to know about the new tagline “Rishta Wahi, Soch Nayi” (same relationship, new approach), her husband Lokesh slammed channel executives as “sluts who seduce viewers into relationships with bogus TV shows”. “Their intentions are clear when they say the relationship is still the same but with a new approach. How on earth can a relationship be approached differently? Are they trying to make us motherfuckers and sisterfuckers?” said he.

This devilish old logo that could probably have stopped Shobha Thakur from attempting suicide

The lady was rescued just in time. She is currently admitted to a local nursing home, where her tense mood could finally be controlled by putting a television in front of her, with an old logo of Star Plus superimposed over the new one.

When we broke the news to Star Plus officials, they said that they expected viewers to watch the Star Parivar Awards, where the new logo was announced this Sunday. “A fan is expected to keep track of such changes. Such abnormal cases should be ignored. We do not make shows for ladies who take care of logos. The shows are actually meant for people so illiterate that they don’t even identify the logo. It’s another matter that even literate ladies love our shows. Maybe that’s our quality of persuasion. But, mind you, we don’t want a father coming to us after one year and saying that his daughter committed suicide out of trauma caused to her due to our logo change,” said a spokesperson for the channel.

However the family has already filed a PIL in a consumer court. “She couldn’t watch the show on Sunday because I asked her not to watch it. I know she is crazy about the Star Parivar, and the annual show usually has a bad effect on her,” said the husband. “She wants to become a part of the Parivar, and starts calling me with names of the characters of the serials. I don’t want her to go in scary families where she would learn to cry and conspire against me, and where dead people can come alive.”

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