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“Quick marriage or grave trouble” – TV astrologer’s warning to man called Rahul worries Rahul Gandhi’s fans

(headline suggestion: Tanay Sukumar)

When a news channel astrologer advised a depressed 20-year-old Rahul Mishra from Amethi, to get married as soon as possible in order to repel any grave consequences in future, little did he know that his advice would cause much distress to Congress partymen. Rahul celebrates his birthday today on June 19, along with India’s political heartthrob,  Rahul Gandhi. Mishra called the astrologer on live television to satisfy his grandmother who wanted him to get tips on the occasion of his birthday.

When Rahul Mishra did so, the astrologer Pandit Golmol Shree Shree 1008 went through some ‘e-manuscripts’ on his laptop and yelled e-spells, before declaring, “If you do not marry within 6 months, a stupid woman who sucks at English and loves slapping men, will propose you to get married to her. If this happens, your kundali says you will not be able to marry anyone else later.”

Although most Congressmen didn’t see the show on TV, as they already know of their poor future, but a show on the same channel later suggested that the words could also be applicable for Rahul Gandhi. The anchor pointed out that Rakhi Sawant fits the description given by the astrologer. Interestingly, Sawant too has expressed her fondness for Rahul Gandhi publicly. She had even said that there is no much difference between her and the Gandhi boy. The channel then advised Rahul not to marry for 6 months. “Rahulji, you and Rakhi getting married – what other treat-for-life would the media want!” said the reporter on the show.

This revelation soon made waves across the country, and got Congress party workers worried. They fear if Rahul Gandhi got married, there would be no one to walk into Dalit homes, and the party would get into big trouble. Congress banks a lot on Rahul due to his popularity and the love votes he gets in.

However, Congress spokesperson Manish Tiwari denied any tension, saying “Rakhi-Rahul pair would bring in more votes. Nothing to be tense. In fact Rakhi would woo the Dalits more than him.” On the other hand, Union Minister Kapil Sibal rubbished the prediction itself, saying he didn’t “believe in anything a Mr Mr 1008 would say”.

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