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Bluffed by girls who use fake attractive pics on Facebook, man forms society against them


Sohan Mishra, a 24-year-old boy, has formed a Society Against Faking Pics On Facebook (SAF-POF), and has overwhelming support from other desperate guys like him. Mishra calls himself a beauty-starved innocent guy, who has still not got a girlfriend, despite spending hours daily on Facebook and Orkut, adding up girls, and browsing up random female names. His experience has landed him in shock a number of times, when it turns out that the girl who he thinks is beautiful, is actually far from pretty. His movement is targeted against such girls. The new Vaseline’s Facebook application was the limit for him, and he wants such applications to be banned, as they support girls in their “criminal deeds”.

The Dream, The Illusion

According to Sohan, who is apparently an expert victim of Facebook photo fraud, “Girls use tricks to look attractive on Facebook. They edit the photos through software; and overweight girls post only their faces, cropping the rest of their body. Once I was tricked by a girl who looked like a model on her photo, but when I wanted to meet her in real life, she hesitated initially.  She called me desperate and what not, but later when we did meet, she turned out to be a plump below-five-feet girl. The face was the same as the display photo, but had a mole on the right cheek, which she had got photoshopped! I had to run away from that date, saying that I have an important meeting, but this bitch asked me to pay for her meals before leaving!” About the Vaseline application, he angrily said, “Beauty lies in the EYES of the beholder, not in the FAIRNESS or Vaseline content on the face!”

The Shocking Reality

Sohan now runs a Facebook page for his society SAF-POF, which has garnered over 20000 fans in just over a week. Fans have posted their own stories about such incidents. They have demanded Facebook to ban people from posting fake photos. “Facebook can make it mandatory to use only those display photos that show the full body, from top to bottom. There should also be a ‘report photo’ option below the display pic, so that friends who have seen the user in person, pick out wrong photos. This will allow us guys to add up and develop fraandship with only those girls who are pretty indeed,” said Sohan.

The Logo of Sohan’s FB page

Such girls are not just about fooling by faking photos, they even abuse guys when they send them friend requests, by calling them “orkutiyas”, says Sohan. “They don’t know they are themselves real orkutiyas, because they don’t post their actual honest photos on Facebook. They are orkutiyas because they fake pics to get attention. This is shameful.”

The fanpage has urged Facebook to take some action, because there are hell lot of boys who use the service to get girlfriends. Meanwhile, girls have a mixed reaction. While there are female members also on Sohan’s fanpage, who post similar complaints about men, most girls are still not at all pleased with such ideas. “We don’t use Facebook to get boyfriends. So get it right. Even if you are talking to a pretty girl who agrees to meet you, you are still being fooled because they have no intention of being with you,” said a girl in response to Sohan’s posts on the page.
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  • oh well, what can I say..I'd say guys who go girl hunting on a social networking site should be banned! they could go to dating sites and marriage portals for all I care, but seriously, create a society against using display photos? wow..that shows how devoted they are, all right!

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