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Govt officer caught taking bribe from son to sign on his poor report card

An electricity board officer was today arrested for allegedly accepting a bribe of Rs. 500 from his son to sign on his school’s annual report card.

A spokesperson for the investigation bureau told reporters that they had received a complaint from the principal of the school where the officer’s son studies. The accused officer had allegedly demanded money from his son after his mid-term exam results when he did not score good grades.

Principal Reeta Gupta said, “We had called Mr. Waghmare (the accused) a couple of times to our school to discuss his son’s low grades. Although he was worried about the same, he didn’t turn up at all. Then I got suspicious when Mr. Waghware signed on his son’s report card without writing anything in the comments column which we encourage the parents to do. Then I called his son to me, took him into confidence and asked him about it. I was aghast when I came to know about the truth and I immediately called the police.”

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