After astonishing discovery by Raj Thackeray, scientists divided about real cause of malaria


Raj Thackeray spotted in a foreign-looking
attire instead of kurta-pyjama. Mosquitoes
must be biting him inside, while he wore this.

Following desi biologist Raj Thackeray’s astonishing discovery sans proof that men and slums cause diseases like malaria and dengue, scientists studying the diseases the world over are divided over the real causing agents. While some (those with large offices like the IBN-7 office) agree that it is caused by human beings from other regions, some traditionalists still believe that the female Anopheles mosquito might just have a hand. 

An international conference has been called by World Health Organisation to settle the issue, and Raj Thackeray has been invited to present his research and his theory. Thackeray has been requested to also show to the world his previous scientific studies on the biological defects of being a person from outside Mumbai. The Nobel Prize for Medicine might well go to an Indian this year – “The involvement of humans in creating diseases by migrating spreading venom through mouth, has long been debated – Mr Thackeray’s statement comes at a time when the world is battling diseases regionalism, but the doctors government can’t catch the mosquitoes,” said the WHO President.

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