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Five reasons why the Great Indian MP does indeed deserve a salary hike

The following are few of the reasons why the increase of salaries of our beloved MPs is justified:

1. Remuneration for Free Entertainment: They provide free entertainment to the citizens of India and the world through the state-owned TV channel – Doordarshan (DD). They are directly responsible for increasing the TRP ratings of the otherwise boring Doordarshan. Since other news channels relay pictures from DD, it adds to the low revenue of DD.

2. The next best alternative: Our MPs are the next best alternative for the citizens of India to watch at prime time on their TV screens. The Indian Public have got bored of the usual Saas, Bahu & Saazish stuff, and therefore, the entertainment which the MPs provide while sitting in the Parliament has been a welcome change to the audience. Such great service by the MPs to the public – to not just their constituencies, but the whole nation – obviously makes them deserving for a salary hike.
Sheila Dixit in shock after the MEAGRE 
300% salary hike

3. Increase in sales of few products: Our MPs have been directly responsible for increasing the sales of few particular products such as “Microphones, Pens, and even Shoes”. With every heated debate in Parliament, a large quantity of mics, pens and shoes are thrown, therefore giving opportunities of growth for these industries as more and more money shall be spent from Government funds on buying new mics and stationery. Obviously, our MPs shall not do such favours until and unless they get something back in return, so the salary hike once again is justified.

4. Brand Ambassadors: They are on the TV screens of each individual providing wholesome entertainment and drama. In the truest form, they are brand ambassadors of Incredible India!

5. Financing of other businesses: Our MPs are kings of multi-tasking. They do so many things other than making important policies for the country. They need the salary hikes so that they can fund their other businesses, specially in these trying times of recession.

It is a shame that our government denied a 500% increase in the salary of our MPs, and agreed upon just 300%. The Indian Public should realize that the MPs are very important people, and they do indeed deserve a 100 times more salary than what the average Indian earns.

With 315 out of 543 MPs being millionaires, they are a true representation of the ‘India Growth’ story. This needs to be given more mileage, and salary hikes should be more often. Also, with 150 MPs facing serious criminal cases, the salaries could be of great help to them for fighting these cases, and for hiring top notch lawyers. Such social service to the GREAT INDIAN MP should continue.

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