Schoolboy blames faulty Facebook chat for not completing his homework

A seventh-standard schoolboy, Rajat Waghmare, was suspended from school for not completing his algebra homework on time. The reason he gave for this was that he was chatting on Facebook last evening, and due to some chat problems he had to wait for a long time before he could log out and sit down to do homework. The school understood his concern and has suspended him so that he can spend a lot of time on Facebook over the next month.

Rajat, in a non-Facebook chat with us, slammed some of Facebook chat’s features, and demanded that Mark Zuckerberg better take a look at those anomalies than spoiling kids’ future by making them wait before doing homework. “For four hours, I was chatting with this new girl I had made friends with a week ago, online. I finished talking to her, but when I typed “bye” for her, the chat went crazy. I would press “enter” but it didn’t take it — I tried typing more, but it seemed my deaf keyboard had been made by someone like Ekta Kapoor.”

He didn’t rule out the possibility that his internet connection had some problem during that time. After around an hour of trying to send the “bi bi, ttyl” message (decoded in simpler English as “bye bye, will trouble and terrorise you later”), he somehow tracked down the girl’s email ID, and emailed her a Santa Banta goodbye card.

“I was just telling her that I had some homework to do, so we would chat later. I said that if I didn’t do it, my maths teacher was really going to punish me by asking me to buy a dozen samosas for him. But lo and behold! at this moment, the chat abruptly stopped working!” explained the boy. 

Regarded by teachers as a remarkably brilliant student, Waghmare had actually started using Facebook to use applications like Which Scientist You Resemble Most and Which Chemical Element Are You. He had subscribed to these applications on daily basis, and used the results to impress teachers, said his class teacher. However, a careful study of his Facebook profile also shows he “liked” pages like “Dear Teacher, I Talk To Everyone. Moving My Desk Won’t Help”, “My Maths Teacher is a Son of a Bitch” and “My Class Teacher is An Idiot, She Thinks I am a Good Child.” A teacher also praised the boy’s honesty, whereas another said he was too stupid — he could have given some other reason for not doing homework.

Also, it turns out now, that the chat hadn’t stopped working because of any technical bug — actually the girl removed Rajat from her friends list at that very moment, and so he wasn’t able to chat with her after that.

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