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Burqa ban in France worries woman who wore a veil just to hide her ugly face

The burqa and any form of veil that 
covers the face, was banned by 
a 246 to 1 vote in the French senate 
this Tuesday. The law will 
come into force starting 
early next year.

Following the approval of the bill banning the burqa in public places in France, a native Frenchwoman is worried about her future outside home from next year. Adrienne Bonnet, a 32-year-old unmarried lady, is embarrassed about the new law–to–be, even as she still struggles to find her in-laws–to–be, due to her lack of the usual French beauty.

Bonnet is one of the few non-Muslims who wears the veil outside, so as to hide her extremely poor looks. With her on the national news, her example is gradually being used by fashion designers and beauty enthusiasts to use the veil to hide repelling looks.

Bonnet, through the French media, has urged First Lady Carla Bruni to take care of the self-respect of her visually-challenging counterparts. “I have been using this dark veil because people used to tell me I don’t look good. I realised they were right when I was unable to find a lover even after I graduated. Everyone knows, being an ugly Frenchwoman is as shameful as being a Carla Bruni is shameless,” Bonnet told the media. According to her, initially, her family disapproved of her idea of covering her face to avoid embarrassment. But later on, they agreed as they were themselves fed up of having to look at her face frequently. Now, Bonnet fears she won’t be able to leave home for shopping.

Meanwhile, there were protests across France against the ban. As France said, “Obey the law of the land where you live”, Muslim ladies, hurt by the restriction (rather, lack of restriction), voiced out, “Obey the people of the land which you rule.” Using the historic weapon of the fatwa, several Muslim clerics have challenged the decision, as they believe that the Quran orders women to be treated as the hidden, the hideous and the deprived.

France President Nicolas Sarkozy has offered compensation to Adrienne Bonnet, saying that he will marry her, and thereby end her years of unmarried life, as soon as he and Carla Bruni are fed up of each other.

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