Yes, dogs sleep on the beds in our house, confirms Lalit Bhanot’s family

NEWS IN BRIEF | New Delhi: 
“Dogs do indeed sleep on our beds, and we don’t defecate anywhere else but the bedroom,” came the confirmation from the family of Commonwealth Games Organising Committee General Secretary Lalit Bhanot. The confirmation was made through an operation by Australia’s Channel Seven, which is hell-bent on trying to find flaws with the Games.

Proud ambassadors of Indian corruption till now,
now the proud ambassadors of Indian hygiene

Following the revelation that delegations from some nations had complained of dirty toilets, and stray dogs and fæces on beds meant for athletes, Mr Bhanot had proudly said, “It’s not an issue. Westerners have a different sense of hygiene from ours. They sleep on beds meant for humans, but we Indians so love to sleep with dogs.”

In an interview to the Australian journalist, Bhanot’s family members were quite proud about the hygiene of the household. Regarding possible health issues, a relative said on Bhanot’s behalf, “Every household has a different sense of hygiene, and this is ours.” When asked why Bhanotian Indian sense of hygiene was employed for the “world-class” Games Village, even if the Village was meant for people with different practices, Bhanot explained, “We never actually expected any foreigner to arrive here. We’ve been preparing the Games for the Indian common man.” (an older news story)

Reportedly, most Organising Committee team members live in similar unhealthy conditions, because they regularly eat away the salaries of their housemaids.

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