With help of supporters, Raj Thackeray beats up wife for speaking in Hindi at home

Today a strange FIR was registered against Raj Thackeray at Worli Police Station. His wife Sharmila registered an FIR against Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) and its chief, her husband, for beating her. The news, which broke out in the afternoon, created shock and rage all over Mumbai, as the media started speculating the reasons behind the incident. The reason, allegedly, was that the wife had been caught talking in Hindi to a North Indian friend, for a genuine an idiotic reason that the friend didn’t understand Marathi.

Raj Thackeray must be accused for
double standards if this dog hasn’t
started speaking Marathi yet
Later in the evening, Mrs Thackeray held a press conference at her own parents’ house at Juhu. Showing her wounds to the media (which flashed the images on TV by drawing big red circles around the wounds and bruises to mark them out), she recounted her tale of horror. She described how brutally she had been beaten up by Raj and his party workers.

“I was talking on phone with my friend from Uttar Pradesh in Hindi because she doesn’t understand Marathi. Suddenly my husband arrived and saw me talking in Hindi. He lost his temper and started shouting Jai Maharashtra. Very soon, he and his party workers attacked me. I was thrashed badly by them.”

On being asked what she will do next, she said, “I have decided to go to court, but I am not at all sure I’ll get justice there, because the courts are scared of him. If they were not scared, all my in-laws would have been in jail today.” 

Raj Thackeray has refused to apologise to his wife for this act. Meanwhile, television celebrity Rahul Mahajan has slammed him for making news for a reason he is usually associated with.

This amazing news shocked the whole of India. One of the many Indians in support of Mrs Thackeray, Lalu Prasad Yadav said, “Raj has not done anything good by beating his wife. This proves that he is a bad person. I never beat my dear wife Rabri. Instead she thrashes me everyday and even then I don’t complain. He should apologise to his wife in public.” Bal Thackeray came in support of his nephew and told the media that he used to do similar things when he was young. His spokesperson added that, now that he is old he can’t even kill a housefly on his own.

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