CWG ticket scam: tickets distributed to mosquitoes in large numbers

New Delhi: 
The suspicious ticket scam that raised a hue and cry during the ongoing Commonwealth Games now seems to be solved. A sting operation by an international newspaper has shown that most tickets were given away to mosquitoes on a complimentary basis by Organising Committee officials. This also explains the populated presence of mosquitoes in stadia during evening matches.

Empty seats

Reports say that the OC has given free passes to mosquitoes in Delhi, so that they fill up the Games venues in large numbers. Since the OC firmly believes that Indians have a standard of living where they are okay with mosquitoes, the exercise was probably meant to make it easier for the hosting nation players to have a better chance in all disciplines. Another intention is to get same attention as the vuvuzelas that made headlines during the Football World Cup earlier this year.

As a result of this, stadia are empty, while fans who want to be there are being sent away “since the tickets have been sold out”. The aim clearly appears that the organisers wanted to earn profit from non-humans by the ticket price based upon their body structure. “Mosquitoes and snakes take up less space than humans. So they will come in larger numbers, thus helping the OC with higher profits,” explained the journalist involved in the sting-op. Micro-organisms are also taken into consideration, he said.

Due to the incapability of the non-human audience to give reactions like applause and dismay, recorded sounds are being used, it appears. NTMN’s own correspondent reports that this has also contributed to the sales of mosquito-killers like All Out™ and Good Knight™.

On a holiday outside India, Mani Shankar Aiyar, 
a sharp critic of the Games, says he is now happy, since according to zoology, mosquitoes have shorter life spans than human beings, and so they won’t live long enough to tell the future generations about “the Games that took place in Delhi”.

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  • Kalmadi and company should be hanged on the streets of Delhi for bringing shame and scandals. All tickets sold out and see the games venue, most of the seats are empty. Same will happen in closing ceremony.

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