Fearful of ridiculous verdicts on Rakhi ka Insaaf, govt bans bulk SMSes

New Delhi: 
The Ministry of Home Affairs on Saturday announced a ban on sending out bulk SMSes for the period of run of Imagine TV’s show Rakhi Ka Insaaf. The blanket ban has been imposed in anticipation of public unrest and possible “brainquakes” among viewers after watching the reality show featuring The Rakhi Sawant.

The Naked Judiciary
The Home Minister told the media that it was expected that careless SMSing by some anti-social elements could mar the repute of Sawant, one of the most anti-social brilliant brains of the nation. He urged the people of India to maintain peace and calm before and after she announces her verdict in every episode.

“Ms Sawant’s verdicts will be works of fiction, drama, narcissism and greed. I advise people not to try to understand or find sense in her decisions and process of judgement, because they would strain the brain unnecessarily. However, for the sake of safety, a multitude of trained psychiatrists have been deployed all over the country to take care of mental security and well-being of the human resource of the nation,” said Home Minister P Chidambaram.

Rakhi ka Dimaag Saaf
Media pundits have also urged people to ignore the show and watch self-improvement and yoga channels instead. “It will help people realise the better truths of life, than watching the made-up bitter truths of life,” said Baba Ramdev, expressing disgust on Sawant’s show.

Sources say that the action was taken after a tip-off by intelligence agencies. The warning clearly said that sections of society had shown “paradoxical” symptoms of “confusion, irritation, but still, devout addiction” to Rakhi Sawant’s interviews and the show promos. All TV news channels have been interviewing Rakhi too much. It has helped their Television Rakhi Points (aka TRPs).

“Such ‘paradoxical symptoms’ have been common lately, with the growth of Chetan Bhagat, Rakhi Sawant, India TV, reality TV, etc — they have shown that people can still be hungry for more, and addicted, despite being mighty irritated and pissed off,” a noted psychiatrist told NTMN.

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  • NDTV Imagine should look for a civilized brand ambassador rather than promoting an indecent personality like 'Rakhi Sawant'.

  • NDTV Imagine should look for a civilized brand ambassador rather than promoting an indecent personality like 'Rakhi Sawant'.

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