KBC New Lifeline: Contestant asks expert for compensation after losing game due to wrong advice

The sets of KBC, Mumbai: 
A contestant on Kaun Banega Crorepati? has demanded a compensation of Rs 930,000 from Navjot Singh Sidhu for breaking into laughter and confusing him, instead of giving “expert advice” on the show. Sidhu was the episode’s “expert of the day”, so that he could assist contestants if they used the “Ask the Expert” lifeline in the event of not knowing the answer. When contestant Rajesh Duggal asked him for advice, Sidhu went into a long monologue dialogue, following which Duggal was left even more confused and irritated. He could not conclude which option the “expert” was indicating to be correct.

Duggal had already won Rs 1.25 million, when he got stuck on the tenth question, which interestingly had Sidhu’s name as an option. Sidhu is famous for his batting, laughing and talking. A transcript of what took place, is noted below:

Amitabh Bachchan: Rajesh, you have won 12 lakh, 25 thousand rupees. What significance does this amount have for you?

Rajesh Duggal: Sir, I want my village to be renamed from Chholegaon to Rajesh-Duggal-Nagar. I will spend the money to bribe the government to rename my village.

AB: Fair enough. But that won’t be enough, I think. You need at least a crore for that purpose. So let’s play further. (raises voice) Here comes the tenth question, for 25 lakh rupees — (silence) “Which cricket commentator was banned by ESPN-Star for using indecent words on air? — and your options are — (a) David Lloyd, (b) Laxman Sivaramakrishnan, (c) Navjot Singh Sidhu, (d) Dean Jones.” (expert for the day, Navjot Singh Sidhu seen laughing on the big screen.)

RD: (after some murmuring) I don’t think I know. It could be…. (c) or (d). I think…. I heard Dean Jones being punished for this reason….. but still, I feel it could be Sidhu as well. (long pause; The big screen shows Sidhu jumping on his seat like frogs while laughing madly) 
I don’t know whether using “Ask the Expert” will work or not, because your damned expert is Sidhu himself. He might misguide me if it was him ESPN had banned. (audience begins to laugh, Sidhu still laughing.)

AB: Hahahaha… Rajesh, that is your last lifeline. Let me remind you that you’ve used up the other three lifelines.

RD: Well, he might give a hint. Let’s try “Ask the Expert”. (Sidhu rolling on the floor laughing)

(Amitabh Bachchan tells Sidhu that Duggal is asking for his advice on this question. He narrates the question out to him.)

Sidhu seen laughing mildly

Navjot Singh Sidhu: (laughing out loud) LOL. (pause) Rajesh, my dear friend, let me tell you, Mr Computer has asked you a really good question. The goodness of the question, my goodness!, — is as good as all the goodness of my poor character combined. And now, as far as the question goes, I think I should abuse you on air very badly for not knowing the answer. Go back to school!

Let’s try option (a). David Lloyd is the funniest commentator I ever saw. When he says “fuck”, it sounds like “fook”, like “book”, so no one gets to know. He did swear lots of times, I must enlighten you, my dear ignorant fellow — that he used the word “fuck” on air lots of times, but the “fuck”ness of the “fuck” gets messed up in his accent, the same way as a baby gets confused in a topless bar, you know.
Option (b) now. Sivaramakrishnan is all about repeating the same things again and again…. he can’t be swearing, no. He has a very small dictionary.
(c)? I think that’s my name!! (Starts rolling on the floor, laughing his ass off) I never laughed as much as this, not even on The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. I don’t know what to say. My character is clean, mind you! — and I have never had the privilege of being banned by any TV channel. It was always I who left the show. It must come to your divine knowledge, my dear pal, my best friend, that I am still a commentator. Didn’t you hear me in IPL?
Dean Jones was banned for calling Hashim Amla a “terrorist”. Now, it’s upto you to decide whether that’s an indecent word or not.

(Following this, Duggal went for the fourth option, convinced that Dean Jones was the right answer. But — )

Amitabh Bachchan: That isn’t the right answer, Rajesh!!! (audience gasps, Sidhu jumps from his seat again, with white teeth on display) Mr Navjot Singh Sidhu himself was the one who was banned by ESPN-Star. Dean Jones was banned by Ten Sports!!

As a result, Duggal, who stood a chance of winning Rs 2.5 million, could take home only Rs 320,000, according to the rules of the game. However, he soon went on a rampage asking Sidhu to apologise and return the Rs 930,000 that he had lost as a result of his nonsense. He is spend the prize money in fighting a case against Sidhu, for cheating, faking expertise and harassment causing irritation to brain, ears and eyes. He also plans to file a case against the show producers for creating a format which appoints any Tom, Dick and Charu as an expert.

Sidhu was not asked for any comments on the whole incident, for obvious reasons.

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