Security tightened after man is found staring at white-skinned athletes ahead of Games opening

New Delhi: 
Security at the Commonwealth Games village was tightened even further after commandos caught a labourer staring at firang (Westerner) athletes continuously. Later, it turned out that the labourer had been staring for the sheer amusement (rather, shock) that he experienced on finding that people could be as fair and white-skinned as them.

This is how an Indian man
will stare at you if you are a
foreigner. (Source)
Around 1 pm, just hours before the opening ceremony at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, security personnel near the Village entrance spotted Mahesh Kumar ogling at a group of European female archers from a distance of about 5 metres. Kumar was immediately interrogated, and security enhanced. The confused commandos sent an SOS to the Home Ministry whether staring was signs of a terrorist activity or not.

The governments of New Zealand and Australia were quick to let out advisories to all its tourists and athletes, telling them to stay away from locals, who have a weird habit of staring at foreigners. The Australian High Commissioner said, “Whenever they stare at you, stare back at them. It’s normal for these guys to look hard at us for long.” Instructions issued by the Indian Home Ministry said, “We advise Delhiites to avoid looking too long at the visiting people, as it embarrasses them. We assure you they are no different from us in terms of eyes, noses, ears and lips. The only difference lies in their deficient brains which work only with the support of outsourced employment. People found staring at a foreigner for more than a minute will be liable to pay a fine of Rs 2000.”

Indian cricketers may also stare at you, but
for other reasons, said the Australian advisory
During the interrogation, Kumar revealed that he had been a labourer involved in the construction work at the Village. He admitted that he had never left the Village. “I stayed hidden in the Village because the rooms here were cosy. I let all my pet dogs sleep on the beds, and I was proud when my faeces were shown by BBC photographers on TV. I have even been letting out cobras to divert people’s attention whenever I feel I can get caught. Over the past few days, I have been seeing some really white people, and I don’t know why, but it is an amazing feeling to stare at them. They look so different!” he confessed.

NTMN caught up with some foreign tourists. 24-year-old Anna from Scotland said, “Gosh, I feel like an alien when they look at us. The people here have been very warm, and say that they think guests are God… maybe that’s why they look hard so much. Yesterday, I was standing on a footpath, and saw a man who was going in the opposite direction. But he looked back at me a number of times. Once, when he looked back at me, he collided with a stray dog and it started yelping.” However, after this incident, many black sportspersons have alleged racism, as they have not been stared at as much as their whiter counterparts.

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