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Boy smashes TV set after watching Comedy Circus

A 16-year-old boy in East Delhi smashed his television set with his slipper yesterday for “senseless absurdity”.

The teenager has accused Rajeev Nigam and Manish Paul, contestants on Sony TV’s show Comedy Circus of creating senseless comedy on which he could barely laugh.

“I bet my school chemistry teacher can make our bones tickle more, by asking bizarre questions like What is the volume of an iota litres of water? and Why do an electron and proton love each other?” said the student, Ram Gopal Sharma.

The student has defended himself by saying that the TV blasted not because he smashed it, but by the laughter of the judge Archana Puran Singh.

The science student, who takes his IIT-JEE coaching from FIIT-JEE, has been unable to study recently because he always starts wondering why people like the two comedians. His recent behaviour has been described as “absurd” by his classmates and family.

“Even my coaching institute teachers are obsessed with Rajeev Nigam. I ask what is he? My friends who were once solving JEE papers, are now downloading Comedy Circus videos from YouTube. Is IIT a joke to them?” the boy yelled out in frustration. “Everyone is mad about the show, and I am not able to understand why!”

Sharma has also complained that his parents also are too fond of this “brutal non-humorous-jerkish-impostor pair” that they abandon him whenever the show is on run. “My mom adds sweetener in dal every Friday and Saturday, and my dad tries to imitate Rajeev Nigam. He often ties sarees around his waist. I am sick of this.”

When asked about this, Ram’s father said he didn’t remember his own son’s name. A sudden shock wave came when his mother also denied recalling him, even by his face. “They are suffering from multiple-personality-recognition disorder caused by the hundreds of roles these comedians play in their acts. They are too confused now,” said their son.

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