Celebrating a Year of NTMN — Special Anniversary Post

We have decided to celebrate today as our birthday. Exactly a year ago, God sent us to earth to… no, not to help (you have the nuns, Red Cross and Arundhati Roy to do that); we came to make you laugh, and we’re damn good at it.

Some people read us then, some liked us, some fell in love with us, some declared us success, a guy even told us to f*** off, because he thought we were being over-ambitious. But we grew and grew; we never cared about who read us and who didn’t.

Our mission has always been to make you “think as you laugh”. We learned to tolerate the odd guy who disliked us and posted hate comments; you know, it’s fashionable to say Amitabh Bachchan sucks on TV, it takes you places.

What dominated, was your continuous love, affection and constructive criticism, which improved us over the months, taking us where we are today:

    Number of posts: 293. [178 on the News Pages. 75 on the Back Page. 22 Evening Editions, 18 others]…..

    Number of comments: 1477…..

    Most-read post: Open Letter to Kapil Sibal — Minister for Human Resource Degradation (by Bijender Sheoran)…..

    Most commented-upon post: Lipstick Competition at IIT-Roorkee — A Guidebook on How to React to It (by Bijender Sheoran)…..

    Most frequent author: Tanay Sukumar (143 posts)

    Number of people who have written for NTMN: 30 (Team NTMN)…..

    FAN OF THE YEAR: Pradymndev Jodha (@bhadrajun

    In the print media: India’s leading tabloid Mid-Day republished Kartik Anand‘s post USA worried since its cheerleaders could lose jobs if IPL gets banned (posted April 20, republished April 27)……

    On the internet: Editor Tanay Sukumar in an interview with SpeakBindas, Members of Team NTMN in a chat with Pakistani Spectator……

    Most read fake news report:  Housewife tries to kill self after she couldn’t find Star Plus on her TV, due to new logo (by Tanay Sukumar)

    Most read Back Page post: ProblemAtique #5 | Chachi and the lack of hot girls in IITs by Sugandha

    First-ever English blog to feature Hindi posts, for the promotion of the national language among the Indian satire-reading youth (NTMN Hindi by Shiv Mishra)…..

    Don’t miss: The World Looks Up and Salutes NTMN — “You are a Gawdsend.” 

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