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City kids come out with Adults Pride Parade to demand adult rights

New Delhi: 
On Children’s Day, over 800 kids came out on the streets and blocked traffic to put forward their demand for adult rights and corporal punishment for everyone who called them “kids”. They refer to their protest march as “Adults Pride Parade” (APP). The event is the brainchild of 10-year-old Stuart Little.

Angry children have
disowned Children’s Day
The kids have disowned Children’s Day by saying this day was never theirs. “We want bigger joys of life, but everyone makes us feel like kids,” said a placard at the event. The oldest surviving kid on earth, Saloni Daini, made a special appearance at the Parade, with her non-veg jokes and seemingly adult activities.

Saloni Daini made a special
The parade mainly involved 9- to 13-year-olds. More senior children (over 14) had opted out of it since they felt they had already claimed “voluntary retirement” from childhood. “They said their parents are too pissed off now to stop them from using expensive mobile phones and go for night-outs. These are the very facilities we also want in our lives. I want a childhood where my dad gives me a mobile phone when I ask for one, instead of saying you are still a kid. We want a childhood free from people jeering at us with bachche and kids and only after you grow up a bit more,” lamented Little.

The children want to spread the Parade culture in every urban city of India in the next few years. “We’ve grown up; we want to play wrestling and not hide-and-seek; we are the people who first taught many people what an MMS is; we want to act pornstars in fancy-dress-competitions; we want cars and bikes!” shouted a 12-year-old adult rights activist. 

Celina Jaitley has agreed to do a semi-nude photoshoot to raise awareness about adult rights. Arundhati Roy has put her hundredth foot in this (as her other 99 feet are still busy in other issues), saying, “If Maoists are Gandhians with Guns, these kids are Gays with Gaiety. So if I go for Gay Pride Parades, I should take part in this Parade also! Actually, I feel a kid myself, because I am immaturity redefined.”

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