Indian PM injured during basketball game; media calls him “irresponsible”

New Delhi: 
The Indian Prime Minister has injured his upper lip after being elbowed in a basketball game, but he could not get 12 stitches to his lip because numerous mediapersons blocked his way to the hospital. All day on Sunday, news channels ran headlines such as “PM shames nation by playing basketball” and “Desh ka kya hoga agar uska pradhanmantri khelne lage (“Where the India hell will the nation go if its PM starts playing!”). The nation is outraged at the PM’s sporting attitude. Unfortunately, this embarrassment comes during the New Delhi visit of the US President.

U.S. President Barack Obama walks back to his car after playing basketball at Fort McNair in Washington, November 26, 2010. White House spokesman announced  After being inadvertently hit with an opposing player's elbow in the lip while playing basketball with friends and family, the President received 12 stitches today administered by the White House Medical Unit.  REUTERS/Jim Young   (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS IMAGES OF THE DAY)
Even the US President was hit
during a basketball game
recently, but the world showed 
him sympathy.

A PMO official, however, denied that the PM got the injury during a basketball match. “The PM’s mouth was hit by the US President’s elbow during their meeting yesterday. We’ve no idea why the media is saying it happened while playing. This is an act of defamation against the most important person of the country.”

Meanwhile, a news channel did a video sting operation, which shows evidence that the Indian Prime Minister regularly takes morning walks, eats healthy food, plays sports occasionally, and even watches cricket. This has put the Prime Minister in an ugly  controversy. The media has questioned his integrity and dutifulness. “How can he think of such activities when half of the nation doesn’t have balls to afford basketballs?” questioned a reporter on a channel. The opposition is seeking an apology from the PM and his party for such acts.

The Indian Prime Minister has been traditionally “shorter”
than the US President. “It is possible that the PM’s jaws
were hit by the President’s elbow, but let’s assume it was
due to basketball, for fun,” said a TV reporter.

“This is like the Tiger Woods Thanksgiving scandal. No one would have known of his illicit affairs if he had not had that accident last year, right? Same here — we’d NOT have known how IRRESPONSIBLE the Prime Minister is, if he had not hurt himself. Shame on him! Why do we really need such incidents to uncover such scamsters?” screamed out anchor Arnab Goswami on Times Now, breaking — with his voice and anger — at least five thousand TV sets across the country, according to reports.

The visiting US President was shocked by this whole event. He posted on his Twitter account that he plays golf, squash, basketball, baseball, etc. every weekend, but nobody says he is irresponsible. Even he injured his face very recently, but then, the world had shown grave concern and sympathy to him. 

He was later told that every Indian Prime Minister has an unwritten protocol that they are not expected to be young, playful and net addicts, and he can even be impeached by the media, if not by the court, if he is found doing something for which the nation doesn’t give a shit. The President later said, “I’m lucky that I’m not an Indian leader.”

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