The World Looks Up and Salutes NTMN as we turn ONE! — “You are a Gawdsend.”

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“Continue Spreading the Epidemic Called Laughter!”
Abhijit Majumder
I came across NTMN on Twitter. It has since become one of the very rare places in the virtual world which surprise me, make me smile, show me sparkling, funny angles to otherwise straightjacketed news that I deal with every day as an editor. Would love to see more people reading NTMN. — Abhijit Majumder, Executive Editor, MiD DAY (Twitter).
Ashwin Sanghi
I’m delighted that NTMN has turned 1. I’m wondering whether to believe you though, given that everything that NTMN says is unbelievable to start with! I must tell you that sometimes your parodies convey much more “news” that you care to believe… interestingly enough most “news” channels are becoming parodies anyway! As an author who loves to write fiction that sounds like fact, I’m always delighted to read your satires. NTMN never fails to make me laugh. My good wishes to you.
Ashwin Sanghi, novelist (sanghi.in).


Buy Oops! I FELL IN LOVEIt has been a wonderful time reading utmost hilarious as well as insightful satire on NTMN. The posts of NTMN have been some of the best satires I have ever read. The most unique fact about NTMN is it’s totally run by students, which makes its popularity and quality quite exemplary. The sheer fact that NTMNers persisted despite there being competitors is the reason behind their success and popularity, which deserves grand applause. On the occasion of its first anniversary, I take delight in wishing NTMN and NTMNers all the very best for future. Hope you guys continue spreading the epidemic called laughter throughout the world. — Harsh Snehanshu, author of bestselling novel Oops! ‘I’ Fell In Love!

— The Blogosphere —
“Can Make a Difference in the Way We Think; A Powerful Voice Against Inequality and Injustice.”

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

A big hearty congrats to NTMN on turning one! I always laugh whenever I read the articles on your site. What I see on NTMN is a group of very talented, young writers who use satire to entertain people and equally point out the issues in our society through humor. In time I hope that NTMN leads to bigger things for its writers, and as a reader I wish for many more anniversaries like this with each one bringing funnier and more awesome articles!The Fake Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, India’s most-loved humour blogger, rakeshjhunjhunwala.in.

BlogAddaCongratulations to the young team. We have seen the rise of News That Matters Not and wish you all the best for the future. We are happy to contribute our part to it as we at BlogAdda work hard to get the good blogs noticed and will continue to do so. — BlogAdda.com, premier Indian bloggers’ community.

I came across NTMN through Tanay, its founder-editor. Tanay defies the stereotypes one associates with the Gen Now. He is focussed, serious and has a rare honesty in his approach. He thinks he can make a difference in the way we think. I believe he can. What makes NTMN stand apart is its youthful vibe and the diversity in content. And most importantly it makes you laugh. I especially love reading Bijender’s articles – he makes you feel the fury, makes you chuckle and makes you nod your head vigorously after every full stop. Bijender, you are a pain in the neck!! So here’s wishing the NTMN team many more birthdays and many more readers. Looking forward to more news, views and masti from the team. Keep up the good work. Love you always. — Purba Ray, well-known blogger, purba-ray.blogspot.com

News That Matters Not with its professionalism is like fresh air in Indian blogosphere, where many bloggers believe they can write in SMS lingo. The team members are so young, yet so mature in their outlook and interactions. I have a special bond with NTMN and NTMNers because I enjoy reading and writing humor and satire. Congratulations to all of you! You have achieved great success in just one year. But you should not rest on your laurels. Keep improving yourself, pushing the limits, both in terms of language and content. I hope you become a powerful voice against inequality and injustice in our society. Love and best wishes.Giribala Joshi, blogger, giribalajoshi.blogspot.com

— Best Comments by Readers —
“It was your News that Mattered Most — You are a Gawdsend!”

Toral — I want to thank you for being a bundle of joy, a big bundle of witty sense of humor, of dark (nah, actually all colors) satires.. and what not. It was Your News that Mattered Most.. when I used to feel suicidal after watching India TV and all kinds of Swayamvars.. You were sometimes silly and repetitive like any other 1-year-old child..but you are adorable.. Hope u keep your innocent wickedness alive.. All the very best for future rippings and leg pullings… Lots and lots of wishes.

K@nu — hey guys… just wanted to let u know that ur doing a great job..!!! I love the sarcasm, n the meanings in between the lines are simply awesome.. m wrapping up an MBA, so NTMN is a major stress buster for me.. n trust me it sharpens my veiwpoint of looking at things very differently.. u are a “GAWDSEND”.

reeshi kandhari — Dekhlijiye, pehchan lijiye yeh saare woh shaksh hain jinko na hi MDH ka masala jaisa kuch news bechna hai, naa hi kisi bhi imandari ki kamai (under table) karne wale neta ka dar hai. Yeh log woh hain jo hum jaise kumbkaran ki sixth generation jo ki sleep mode me rehna pasand karti hai, batana chahte hain how can we make a tremendous change in society. I think they all should be forced to do the same job till our mind sealing is not broken. you people rock.

We thank all other readers who cared to send us their birthday wishes, which we could not publish due to lack of space (maybe we’ve taken up much space already!). Keep reading us, and help us spread more and more. Thanks for all the support and admiration.

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