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Delhi not at all unsafe: Men unanimously declare Delhi as the safest city in India

Even as the nation’s capital city recovers from the shocking gangrape of a BPO employee last week, the city’s men have declared New Delhi as the “safest city in India”.

“Women’s claims about Delhi being an unsafe city are absolutely ridiculous. Very safely, I can say that this city is the safest ever, to rape a woman without being caught,” said chain-snatcher, rapist and part-time shopkeeper Pintoo Yadav.

Yadav himself is a testimony to his claim, as he has lost count of how many times he has committed the worst crimes, but is yet to open his account on the number of arrests, thus being extraordinarily “safe”. He says he knows the person who raped the Swiss diplomat in 2003, but the case has been closed and he walks free.

“Women’s claims are ridiculous,” say Delhi men.

In the all-gents but very democratic survey that was conducted by NTMN across major localities of the NCR, an overwhelming 97% of men have voted Delhi as the safest. However, 2% said they don’t feel the city safe after they were beaten up by women for deliberately entering the women’s coach in Metro train. The rest 1% had attended the survey with their wives.

“Just a dozen years ago,” wrote a 32-year-old man in the poll, “it was difficult to raise my voice against stupid people on roads. Use one bad word, and all the old people who preach of sanskaars would behave as if I had asked for their remaining brain parts. Today, I feel safe enough to beat up any man who does good or bad, young or old. Some friends of mine even feel safe to beat up any woman as well.”

Men are safe to beat up all

“I don’t have any fear about going out at night. Why would I call the city unsafe? If the women say so, why to believe them? Just because they are scared of every damn thing doesn’t mean you’ll take only their opinion,” said another man during the survey.

Most men believe the ideas raised by women (about the city being unsafe) are derogatory to the ill-health of the city. “It gives the city a bad name. All the hype they create after just one rape is as if the word rape shouldn’t even be there in the dictionary,” said an autorickshaw-driver who takes up only women as passengers during his night duty.

Women have, however, slammed the survey for being men-friendly. “Such dangerous surveys are an example why Delhi is unsafe for women,” said actress Gul Panag, who was recently touched by a man during the Half Marathon here.

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