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Girl dumps boyfriend for staring at semi-nude photos of actresses in Delhi Times

A couple in the national capital has broken their eight-month-long relationship after the girl spotted her boyfriend staring at steamy photos of Hollywood actresses in a local newspaper supplement.

Ragini Kapoor says she got really angry after her partner Pranay Sharma didn’t turn the page even after one long minute. Sharma was reading Delhi Times (a Times of India supplement) during their metro train journey, when this took place.

Eye-witness accounts

“The guy was reading Delhi Times while the girl read the main newspaper,” described an eyewitness. “I saw she was reading some news carefully, while her boyfriend kept staring at really steamy pics of Salma Hayek and Scarlett Johansson on the second-last page, for a long time. Suddenly the girl saw this and scolded him. The guy got so embarrassed the paper fell to the floor, and more people started staring at the pics couple. She went off at the next station, and the guy didn’t know what to do. Poor man!”

Delhi Times items of great news value

“Man, I saw a break-up today!” chipped in an excited teenage co-passenger while talking to our reporter. “She screamed something like, ‘I didn’t know you were that stupid to look at that bitch for so long. You lied to me all the time I’m the best and hottest! You despo, two-timing, porn-addict scoundrel, get out of my life!’ No questions asked, they broke up in front of everyone.”

A 56-year-old bank employee who was sitting adjacent to Pranay, didn’t know the girl was screaming in anger, until the newspaper fell down. “You know I was staring at the photos myself, erotic and awesome. Then it fell on the floor. Damn. All day after that, I was wondering, what would my wife say if she finds out what I do with the Delhi Times myself. No, I’m going to stop getting TOI today. No risks.”

Pranay, a 21-year-old B.Com. student, was too taken aback to talk to us. The girl, meanwhile, posted a Facebook status describing the event, on which a male friend commented, “Remain single all your life if you don’t want such a guy.”

The Times of India website didn’t have any space to spare to narrate this news, but Delhi Times, when contacted, said such freak accidents wouldn’t hurt their hunger to make their supplement the first pornographic-and-advertisement newspaper feature in the world, by 2015. “We are committed to make Delhi Times something which teenagers would have to read alone, away from their parents’ eyes,” said the paper.

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