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Sharad Pawar promises he will discuss onion prices with all cricket boards

“Onions are costly because
there was no D/L method in place
to reset prices after rains in onion-
growing areas.”
President of International Cricket Council (ICC), Sharad Pawar promised today that he will soon discuss the sky-high onion prices with all cricket boards. Pawar, who has lately been suffering from lethargy due to his own weight and that of his responsibilities as the Cricket Minister of the world, was recently reminded by someone about his Agriculture Ministry in India. He said he is very serious about the rising prices of the essential vegetable in Indian eating habits. And the best way to tackle the issue is to take the opinion of all cricket boards, he believes.

“It’s unfair to blame the Agriculture Ministry for the high onion prices. The situation is due to rains in onion-growing areas like Nasik. It was unfortunate that we didn’t have a Duckworth-Lewis system in place to set prices favourably after rain interruptions. I’m planning to ask the cricket boards to look for some cricket statisticians who can help revise prices of essential commodities in India from next year, in case of rain,  heat or bad light bad plight of citizens,” said Mr Pawar. He repeated that the high prices were just like the targets in ODIs which suddenly seem to be very high after rain, but then, the D/L method comes to the rescue.

Sharad Pawar, busy with the
 upcoming Cricket World Cup.
“We have already suspended all export of onions till February 19 next year, when the World Cup starts in India. I hope the move will help control scarcity of onions in the country, so that India is able to serve its delicious traditional food to the visiting cricketers,” said a worried Pawar, who finds himself busy with the upcoming World Cup. 

“Sugar prices, onion prices, food prices — why the hell do you worry about all this?” he wondered. “Eat less sugar, it will save you from diabetes. Eat less onions, it will save you from tearful eyes, and the nation will become happier. Move beyond onions. Watch cricket while you eat, and you won’t miss the onion in your food.”

Support started coming in soon after Pawar spoke about the issue, when England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) said it would send injured English cricketer Graham Onions to be cooked and eaten by Indians, till the time prices decline.

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