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Stupid cricket fan raises funds to urge Shane Warne to go back to his wife


A remarkably stupid cricket fan has started a campaign to raise funds that could force cricket legend Shane Warne to go back to his wife Simone, with whom he separated recently. The funds will also help in opening an International School of Fidelity, where students of varying age groups will be taught how to remain stuck with one spouse even if he or she sucks. The campaign is actually a website which asks visitors to donate money to the Fidelity Fund. 

Elizabeth Hurley and Shane Warne
Shane Warne and Liz Hurley spotted together
The biggest donation till now has been made by Indian textile heir Arun Nayar, whose wife, actress Elizabeth Hurley has recently been linked to Warne. Nayar donated $150,000 and requested Warne to let Hurley alone.

Cricket fan Matt Heywood, who started the campaign said, “This man is dating so many women and they make the common Australian man feel jealous like hell. I mean, we don’t go about changing partners like this, so why should a certain man called Shane Warne? There has to be something to teach him, so I started this campaign to get him back to the wife he separated from, and also to start this School of Fidelity. Liz Hurley will also be given free admission to this school, along with other famous infidels and unreliable people like Salman Rushdie, Brad Pitt, Bill Clinton, Tom Cruise, Tiger Woods, Angelina Jolie, and of course, India TV and the Chinese government.”

Former player and commentator Dean Jones remarked, “I think Warnie will accept the offer only if he is made a teacher at the school.” Liz Hurley tweeted that she’d love to rob Heywood of his collections. Warne’s estranged wife Simone said, “People shouldn’t do such campaigns, because it’s very easy to make Shane change women; he doesn’t need so much money to dump Liz too.” The website has raised $280,000 till now.

The website, DonateToWarnWarne.com says that it will refund all money if Warne doesn’t come back to Simone. But Heywood’s close friends believe he is himself unreliable.

This comes soon after a website asked for contributions to make Warne come out of retirement to play for the struggling Aussie cricket team in the Ashes. Warne said, “All this makes me feel 1% humble, 99% greedy. I’m ready to accept this offer if the school admits more beautiful women for free. Else, I don’t find any use.”

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