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By 2020, parents will be sending little kids for five tuition classes a day

A research on Indian education practices shows that by 2020, an average Indian school-going kid will attend four different tuition classes, apart from school.

The child will get to sleep 4 hours a day, and will be able to play and enjoy only during vacations. He will spend over 12 hours away from home, and will be bent by an average angle of 4 degrees at the spine due to the constant weight of the schoolbag.

In a few years, the tuition system may become a multiple-tier system — a student will attend Tuition Master (TM) no. 1 to help with his school studies, TM No. 2 to help with what TM no. 1 taught him, TM no. 3 to help with what TM no. 2 taught him, and so on, the research says.

The tuition industry is a rising industry in the scenario where parents believe spending money is the sole way to show they love their child.

An expert says, “Parents will forget that schools are meant for getting kids taught. They will treat school as a taken-for-granted place like the bathroom, where a kid just has to go everyday. Actual education will take place at private tuition, or so they will believe.”

The research results were based on a study done over 1,000 students in New Delhi. “Just as a child must be admitted to a school, he also must be sent to a tuition centre, otherwise neighbours might say the parents don’t want to educate the child,” observed the report.

According to the predictions, the average 13-year-old schoolchild will not be able to understand anything taught by teachers at school, because during classes, he will be busy doing the homework given by his tuition teachers. Twenty minutes during every class are also expected to be spent using the mobile phone, and bullying the teacher.

“It won’t be surprising,” says the report, “if tuition centres will employ the same person as a peon and a teacher very soon. It would be the easiest job (of doing nothing), yet a very high-paying job. Stray tuition centres will outnumber stray dogs on Indian streets. Children will go to bed not before 2 am, and will have to wake up by 6 am. As a result, they will grow up to become physically tough but mentally morons.”

The research also expects CBSE to allow home schooling for students preparing for engineering and medical entrance examinations. Most importantly, it is expected that by 2025, studying will not be as important for a student as travelling to reach school/tuition will be. Health supplement company Revital plans to sign Yuvraj’s Singh future son in advance to appear in advertisements for Revital’s Children Special.

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